Bharata B Rao <> writes:

> For a PowerKVM guest, it is possible to specify a DIMM device in
> addition to the system RAM at boot time. When such a cold plugged DIMM
> device is removed from a radix guest, we hit the following warning in the
> guest kernel resulting in the eventual failure of memory unplug:
> remove_pud_table: unaligned range
> WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 164 at arch/powerpc/mm/pgtable-radix.c:597 
> remove_pagetable+0x468/0xca0
> Call Trace:
> remove_pagetable+0x464/0xca0 (unreliable)
> radix__remove_section_mapping+0x24/0x40
> remove_section_mapping+0x28/0x60
> arch_remove_memory+0xcc/0x120
> remove_memory+0x1ac/0x270
> dlpar_remove_lmb+0x1ac/0x210
> dlpar_memory+0xbc4/0xeb0
> pseries_hp_work_fn+0x1a4/0x230
> process_one_work+0x1cc/0x660
> worker_thread+0xac/0x6d0
> kthread+0x16c/0x1b0
> ret_from_kernel_thread+0x5c/0x74
> The DIMM memory that is cold plugged gets merged to the same memblock
> region as RAM and hence gets mapped at 1G alignment. However since the
> removal is done for one LMB (lmb size 256MB) at a time, the address
> of the LMB (which is 256MB aligned) would get flagged as unaligned
> in remove_pud_table() resulting in the above failure.
> This problem is not seen for hot plugged memory because for the
> hot plugged memory, the mappings are created separately for each
> LMB and hence they all get aligned at 256MB.
> To fix this problem for the cold plugged memory, let us mark the
> cold plugged memblock region explicitly as HOTPLUGGED so that the
> region doesn't get merged with RAM. All the memory that is discovered
> via ibm,dynamic-memory-configuration is marked so(1). Next identify
> such regions in radix_init_pgtable() and create separate mappings
> within that region for each LMB so that they get don't get aligned
> like RAM region at 1G (2).
> (1) For PowerKVM guests, all boot time memory is represented via
> memory@XXXX nodes and hot plugged/pluggable memory is represented via
> ibm,dynamic-memory-reconfiguration property. We are marking all
> hotplugged memory that is in ASSIGNED state during boot as HOTPLUGGED.
> With this only cold plugged memory gets marked for PowerKVM but
> need to check how this will affect PowerVM guests.

Can you verify this on PowerVM too ? ie we should in most case not find
anything under ibm,dynamic-memory-reconfiguration ?


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