Le 10/02/2018 à 09:11, Nicholas Piggin a écrit :
This series intends to improve performance and reduce stack
consumption in the slice allocation code. It does it by keeping slice
masks in the mm_context rather than compute them for each allocation,
and by reducing bitmaps and slice_masks from stacks, using pointers
instead where possible.

checkstack.pl gives, before:
0x00000de4 slice_get_unmapped_area [slice.o]:           656
0x00001b4c is_hugepage_only_range [slice.o]:            512
0x0000075c slice_find_area_topdown [slice.o]:           416
0x000004c8 slice_find_area_bottomup.isra.1 [slice.o]:   272
0x00001aa0 slice_set_range_psize [slice.o]:             240
0x00000a64 slice_find_area [slice.o]:                   176
0x00000174 slice_check_fit [slice.o]:                   112

0x00000d70 slice_get_unmapped_area [slice.o]:           320
0x000008f8 slice_find_area [slice.o]:                   144
0x00001860 slice_set_range_psize [slice.o]:             144
0x000018ec is_hugepage_only_range [slice.o]:            144
0x00000750 slice_find_area_bottomup.isra.4 [slice.o]:   128

The benchmark in https://github.com/linuxppc/linux/issues/49 gives, before:
$ time ./slicemask
real    0m20.712s
user    0m5.830s
sys     0m15.105s

$ time ./slicemask
real    0m13.197s
user    0m5.409s
sys     0m7.779s


I tested your serie on an 8xx, on top of patch https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/871675/

I don't get a result as significant as yours, but there is some improvment anyway:



root@vgoip:~# time ./slicemask
real    0m 33.26s
user    0m 1.94s
sys     0m 30.85s

root@vgoip:~# time ./slicemask
real    0m 29.69s
user    0m 2.11s
sys     0m 27.15s

Most significant improvment is obtained with the first patch of your serie:
root@vgoip:~# time ./slicemask
real    0m 30.85s
user    0m 1.80s
sys     0m 28.57s

Had to modify your serie a bit, if you are interested I can post it.



Nicholas Piggin (5):
   powerpc/mm/slice: pass pointers to struct slice_mask where possible
   powerpc/mm/slice: implement a slice mask cache
   powerpc/mm/slice: implement slice_check_range_fits
   powerpc/mm/slice: Use const pointers to cached slice masks where
   powerpc/mm/slice: use the dynamic high slice size to limit bitmap

  arch/powerpc/include/asm/book3s/64/mmu.h |  20 +-
  arch/powerpc/mm/slice.c                  | 302 +++++++++++++++++++------------
  2 files changed, 204 insertions(+), 118 deletions(-)

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