Brian King <> writes:
> On 09/03/2017 06:19 PM, Stewart Smith wrote:
>> Michael Ellerman <> writes:
>>>> 2. On a bare metal machine, if you set ipr.fast_reboot=1 on the skiboot
>>>>    kernel, then we should also avoid resetting the ipr adapter, so ipr
>>>>    init on the kernel being kexec booted from skiboot should be extremely 
>>>> fast. 
>>> OK, I didn't know that was an option, so that might help.
>>>> ...
>>>> If you've got cases where ipr init is taking a long time, I'd be
>>>> interested to know what scenarios are the most annoying to see if there
>>>> is any opportunity to improve.
>>> Yeah booting bare metal is where I see it (not using ipr.fast_reboot).
>> Hrm... We should probably enable that by default for petitboot then.
>> It'd at least cut some time off booting straight through to OS.
> Agreed. I'd be interested to hear if that helps address the issue
> Michael is seeing.
> You can easily test this by exiting to a petitboot shell:
> echo 1 > /sys/module/ipr/parameters/fast_reboot
> Then go back to petitboot and boot the OS.

Just following up on this (!).

This does work, and I've now been running it in my CI for about a month
(~1000 boots) with no problems.

You can also make it persistent by doing:

  $ nvram -p ibm,skiboot --update-config bootargs="ipr.fast_reboot=1"


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