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On 23/02/18 09:20, Uma Krishnan wrote:
This patch series adds OpenCXL support to the cxlflash driver. With
this support, new devices using the OpenCXL transport will be supported
by the cxlflash driver along with the existing CXL devices. An effort is
made to keep this transport specific function independent of the existing
core driver that communicates with the AFU.

It's "OpenCAPI" for the standard, and "ocxl" for the driver - I'd rather not add "OpenCXL" to our already somewhat confusing proliferation of names :)

I agree. I will fix it in V2. Thanks for the feedback.

I'll try to review as much of the ocxl-specific stuff as I can get to, though I'm a bit busy with the OpenCAPI skiboot work and reviewing the libocxl userspace library at the moment.


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