> Related commit could be one of below ? I see lots of patches related to mm 
> and could not bisect
> 5479976fda7d3ab23ba0a4eb4d60b296eb88b866 mm: page_alloc: restore 
> memblock_next_valid_pfn() on arm/arm64
> 41619b27b5696e7e5ef76d9c692dd7342c1ad7eb 
> mm-drop-vm_bug_on-from-__get_free_pages-fix
> 531bbe6bd2721f4b66cdb0f5cf5ac14612fa1419 mm: drop VM_BUG_ON from 
> __get_free_pages
> 479350dd1a35f8bfb2534697e5ca68ee8a6e8dea mm, page_alloc: actually ignore 
> mempolicies for high priority allocations
> 088018f6fe571444caaeb16e84c9f24f22dfc8b0 mm: skip invalid pages block at a 
> time in zero_resv_unresv()

Looks like:
0ba29a108979 mm/sparse: Remove CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_ALLOC_MEM_MAP_TOGETHER

This patch is going to be reverted from linux-next. Abdul, please
verify that issue is gone once  you revert this patch.

Thank you,

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