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Hi All,

I have been working on porting Linux-4.15.13 kernel on our existing MPC8270
processor board. For this exercise, I have used pq2fads as a reference
board, its associated device tree and used cuImage for building the kernel.

What it the last linux version known to work properly ?


I am facing an issue with the generic IDE flash controller driver in the new
kernel source where it fails to detect the Flash controller connected to 2GB
NAND flash available on the board. We have used non-standard IO port
addresses for this driver in the older kernel and I have added the required
code in the new kernel to setup the set of addresses that we need as IO
ports. Also, modified the code in the drivers/ide/ source to use the
non-standard IO port address. However, during boot up while inserting the
module I continue to get the below errors.

[    4.116587] ide: forcing hda as a disk (3543/255/63)
[    4.184190] Probing IDE interface ide0...
[    4.226330] Machine check in kernel mode.
[    4.233809] Caused by (from SRR1=49030):
[    4.233826] Transfer error ack signal
[    4.249263] IN from bad port e000000e at 004123ef

I understand that this is an addressing issue but not sure exactly what am I
missing to fix the problem. Can you provide me your inputs on debugging this


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