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On 10/10/19 2:11 am, christophe lombard wrote:
This series moves the definition and the management of scheduled process area (SPA) and of the templates (Transaction Layer) for an ocxl card, using the OCAPI interface. The code is now located in the specific arch powerpc platform. These patches will help for a futur implementation of the ocxl driver in QEMU.

Could you explain more about this?

The Scheduled Processes Area and the configuration of the Transaction
Layer are specific to the AFU and more generally to the Opencapi
Running the ocxl module in a guest environment, and later in several guests in parallel, using the same Opencapi device and the same AFus, involves to have a common code handling the SPA. This explains why these parts of the ocxl driver will move to arch powerpc platform running on the host.



The Open Coherently Attached Processor Interface (OCAPI) is used to
allow an Attached Functional Unit (AFU) to connect to the Processor
Chip's system bus in a high speed and cache coherent manner.

It builds on top of the existing ocxl driver.

It has been tested in a bare-metal environment using the memcpy and
the AFP AFUs.

christophe lombard (2):
   powerpc/powernv: ocxl move SPA definition
   powerpc/powernv: ocxl move TL definition

  arch/powerpc/include/asm/pnv-ocxl.h   |  30 +-
  arch/powerpc/platforms/powernv/ocxl.c | 378 +++++++++++++++++++++++---
  drivers/misc/ocxl/afu_irq.c           |   1 -
  drivers/misc/ocxl/config.c            |  89 +-----
  drivers/misc/ocxl/link.c              | 347 +++++++----------------
  drivers/misc/ocxl/ocxl_internal.h     |  12 -
  drivers/misc/ocxl/trace.h             |  34 +--
  7 files changed, 467 insertions(+), 424 deletions(-)

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