On 1/14/20 2:14 AM, Michael Ellerman wrote:
> Cédric Le Goater <c...@kaod.org> writes:
>> On 1/13/20 2:01 PM, Cédric Le Goater wrote:
>>> From: Frederic Barrat <fbar...@linux.ibm.com>
>>> A load on an ESB page returning all 1's means that the underlying
>>> device has invalidated the access to the PQ state of the interrupt
>>> through mmio. It may happen, for example when querying a PHB interrupt
>>> while the PHB is in an error state.
>>> In that case, we should consider the interrupt to be invalid when
>>> checking its state in the irq_get_irqchip_state() handler.
>> and we need also these tags :
>> Fixes: da15c03b047d ("powerpc/xive: Implement get_irqchip_state method for 
>> XIVE to fix shutdown race")
>> Cc: sta...@vger.kernel.org # v5.3+
> I added those, although it's v5.4+, as the offending commit was first
> included in v5.4-rc1.

Ah yes. I mistook the merge tag of the branch used for the PR (v5.3-rc2)



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