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Le 6/10/20 à 10:10 AM, Jerome Forissier a écrit :
On 6/7/20 9:59 AM, Alexandre Ghiti wrote:

+       bool
+       depends on MMU
+       help
+          This builds a kernel as a Position Independent Executable (PIE),
+          which retains all relocation metadata required to relocate the
+          kernel binary at runtime to a different virtual address than the
+          address it was linked at.
+          Since RISCV uses the RELA relocation format, this requires a
+          relocation pass at runtime even if the kernel is loaded at the
+          same address it was linked at.
Is this true? I thought that the GNU linker would write the "proper"
values by default, contrary to the LLVM linker (ld.lld) which would need
a special flag: --apply-dynamic-relocs (by default the relocated places
are set to zero). At least, it is my experience with Aarch64 on a
different project. So, sorry if I'm talking nonsense here -- I have not
looked at the details.

It seems that you're right, at least for aarch64 since they specifically specify the --no-apply-dynamic-relocs option. I retried to boot without relocating at runtime, and it fails on riscv. Can this be arch specific ?



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