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Also I took some time to revert individual commits from the bisect.log:

388bcc6ecc609fca1b4920de7dc3806c98ec535e drivers: base: Fix NULL pointer
exception in __platform_driver_probe() if a driver developer is foolish
48ebea5026d692c5ab0a7d303f0fe1f8ba046e0f firmware_loader: move
fw_fallback_config to a private kernel symbol namespace
c78c31b374a68be79cb4a03ef5b6c187f034e903 Revert "Revert "driver core: Set
fw_devlink to "permissive" behavior by default""
c8be6af9ef16cf44d690fc227a0d2dd7a526ef05 Merge v5.7-rc5 into driver-core-next
eb7fbc9fb1185a7f89adeb2de724c2c96ff608e9 driver core: Add missing '\n' in log
42926ac3cd50937346c23c0005817264af4357a7 driver core: Move code to the right
part of the file
baf1d9c182935e88aab08701b0a0b22871117fe0 driver/base/soc: Use kobj_to_dev() API
5f5377eaddfc24e5d7562e588d0ff84f9264d7c1 driver core: Look for waiting
consumers only for a fwnode's primary device
96fa72ffb2155dba9ba8c5d282a1ff19ed32f177 Merge 5.7-rc3 into driver-core-next
716a7a25969003d82ab738179c3f1068a120ed11 driver core: fw_devlink: Add support
for batching fwnode parsing
fbc35b45f9f6a971341b9462c6e94c257e779fb5 Add documentation on meaning of
45bb08de65b418959313593f527c619e102c2d57 driver core: platform: remove
redundant assignment to variable ret
93d2e4322aa74c1ad1e8c2160608eb9a960d69ff of: platform: Batch fwnode parsing
when adding all top level devices
69b07ee33eb12a505d55e3e716fc7452496b9041 debugfs: Use the correct style for
SPDX License Identifier
fefcfc968723caf93318613a08e1f3ad07a6154f driver core: Remove check in
0f605db5bdd42edfbfcac36acaf8f72cfe9ce774 kernfs: Change kernfs_node lockdep
name to "kn->active"
c82c83c330654c5639960ebc3dabbae53c43f79e driver core: platform: Fix spelling
errors in platform.c
114dbb4fa7c4053a51964d112e2851e818e085c6 drivers property: When no children in
primary, try secondary
55623260bb33e2ab849af76edf2253bc04cb241f test_firmware: remove unnecessary
test_fw_mutex in test_dev_config_show_xxx
2cd38fd15e4ebcfe917a443734820269f8b5ba2b driver core: Remove unnecessary
is_fwnode_dev variable in device_add()
ab7c1e163b525316a870a494dd4ea196e7a6c455 firmware: Drop unused pages field from
struct firmware
f7d8f3f092d001f8d91552d2697643e727694942 Merge 5.7-rc7 into driver-core-next

Reverting Merge 5.7-rc7 into driver-core-next via:
git revert f7d8f3f092d001f8d91552d2697643e727694942 -m2

while leaving the other commits still in made the "could not find phandle"
disappear. I guess the relevant commit is somewhere in this merge.

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