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Thanks for reviewing the patch.

On 15/11/23 10:14, Aneesh Kumar K.V wrote:
Sourabh Jain<sourabhj...@linux.ibm.com>  writes:


diff --git a/arch/powerpc/include/asm/fadump-internal.h 
index 27f9e11eda28..7be3d8894520 100644
--- a/arch/powerpc/include/asm/fadump-internal.h
+++ b/arch/powerpc/include/asm/fadump-internal.h
@@ -42,7 +42,25 @@ static inline u64 fadump_str_to_u64(const char *str)
#define FADUMP_CPU_UNKNOWN (~((u32)0)) -#define FADUMP_CRASH_INFO_MAGIC fadump_str_to_u64("FADMPINF")
+ * The introduction of new fields in the fadump crash info header has
+ * led to a change in the magic key, from `FADMPINF` to `FADMPSIG`.
+ * This alteration ensures backward compatibility, enabling the kernel
+ * with the updated fadump crash info to handle kernel dumps from older
+ * kernels.
+ *
+ * To prevent the need for further changes to the magic number in the
+ * event of future modifications to the fadump header, a version field
+ * has been introduced to track the fadump crash info header version.
+ *
+ * Historically, there was no connection between the magic number and
+ * the fadump crash info header version. However, moving forward, the
+ * `FADMPINF` magic number in header will be treated as version 0, while
+ * the `FADMPSIG` magic number in header will include a version field to
+ * determine its version.
+ */
+#define FADUMP_CRASH_INFO_MAGIC                fadump_str_to_u64("FADMPSIG")
+#define FADUMP_VERSION                 1

Can we keep the old magic details as

#define FADUMP_CRASH_INFO_MAGIC_OLD             fadump_str_to_u64("FADMPINF")
#define FADUMP_CRASH_INFO_MAGIC         fadump_str_to_u64("FADMPSIG")


Also considering the struct need not be backward compatible, can we just

struct fadump_crash_info_header {
        u64             magic_number;
        u32             crashing_cpu;
        u64             elfcorehdr_addr;
        u64             elfcorehdr_size;
        u64             vmcoreinfo_raddr;
        u64             vmcoreinfo_size;
        struct pt_regs  regs;
        struct cpumask  cpu_mask;
static inline bool fadump_compatible(struct fadump_crash_info_header
        return (fdh->magic_number == FADUMP_CRASH_INFO_MAGIC)

and fail fadump if we find it not compatible?

Agree that it is unsafe to collect a dump with an incompatible fadump crash info header.

Given that I am updating the fadump crash info header, we can make a few arrangements like adding a size filed for the dynamic size attribute like pt_regs and cpumask to ensure
better compatibility in the future.

Additionally, let's introduce a version field to the fadump crash info header to avoid changing
the magic number in the future.


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