On Wed, Nov 22, 2023 at 11:21:50PM -0800, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> That alone sounds like a good reason to not bother.  So unless more
> qualified people have a different opinion I'm fine with this patch
> as long as you leave a comment in place, and ammend the commit message
> with some of the very useful information from your mail.

Will do, thanks.

This is what I will squash into the same patch in the new version, as the
current plan:

+ * NOTE: currently hugepd is only used in hugetlbfs file systems on Power,
+ * which does not have issue with folio writeback against GUP updates.
+ * When hugepd will be extended to support non-hugetlbfs or even anonymous
+ * memory, we need to do extra check as what we do with most of the other
+ * folios. See writable_file_mapping_allowed() and folio_fast_pin_allowed()
+ * for more information.
+ */
static int gup_huge_pd(hugepd_t hugepd, unsigned long addr,
                unsigned int pdshift, unsigned long end, unsigned int flags,
                struct page **pages, int *nr)

Peter Xu

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