On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 09:15:14PM +0200, Richard Cochran wrote:
> I am going to make this a bit easier for you and rebase the original
> series onto the current git head.  Then, you can concentrate on
> expanding on them.

Please clone the 'tcng7' branch from:

I did some light testing on this, both under clknetsim and using real
HW, namely i210 cards synchronized via their SDP pins.

There is an open issue WRT fault handling.  The current code checks if
a port event has caused the port to enter the FAULTY state, but there
is an implicit assumption that a fault on a particular port is only
generated as a result of an event on that same port.  In the new TC
code, an frame arriving on port-1 might generate a fault on port-2
during forwarding.  In this case, the fault timer for port-2 is never
set, and thus the fault never clears.  See clock_poll() in clock.c.

Even so, I wanted to make this series available so you can make
progress on the TAB stuff.  We will deal with the fault issue soon


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