Friday, April 13, 2018 7:16 AM

> I have two major issues with this series:
> 1. You collect statistics but never report it.

This set of patch was just for collecting and storage of the data. My intention 
in a later set of patches, add possibility to collect this data. As it is now, 
there are no TLV
mentioned in the draft for this purpose. I mentioned that in my review comments 
of the draft.

But the idea was to add the collection and storage of the data. If feature is 
not enabled, no
recordlists will be filled or code executed. Just the counters will be 
collected. But that's just to 
clear when feature is enabled.

Other comments was TLV to enable/disable in runtime.

> 2. The implementation is overly complex.  I'll explain more in a reply
>  to patch #4.

Thanks, I will look at your comments on it


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