On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 07:20:05AM +0000, Anders Selhammer wrote:
> On Friday after I went for weekend, I got this from one of the authors of 
> Annex M:
> "In the present standard, it is SNMP or NETCONF that is supposed to be used 
> to retrieve PM data."
> When I read Annex M again, this is mentioned in M.4.

It only says:

    (e.g. SNMP, NETCONF)

e.g. = "for example"

That language is not at all definitive.  So my instinct is to wait and

> I will go on with the updates based on the comments I got last week and send 
> in a new patch set. 

Let's talk about supporting SNMP first.  I have some ideas on this.

Here is a plan:

1. Decide how to support SNMP from the architectural point of view.

2. Implement SNMP to support the data we already have.

3. Support the published MIBs:

   - 802.1AS Chapter 15
   - the substation profile
   - Yang model

4. When PM MIBs are published, implement the counters and the new


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