yesterday I realized that our sample integrity implementation for gig files 
was never really working. The gig format always used CRC32 checksums to be 
able to detect if sample data had been damaged or been modified unintenionally 
for some reason. Unfortunately the respective checksum table was always 
damaged or completely lost whenever the file structure of the respective gig 
file was changed by libgig, which happens quite easily even on minor changes 
with gigedit for example.

This problem should now be fixed with libgig 4.0.0.svn8. I added two new 
options to the command line tool "gigdump" (coming with libgig), which allows 
you to check whether your gig files are affected:

        gigdump --verify foo.gig


        gigdump --rebuild-checksums foo.gig

Please refer to "man gigdump" for more detailed descriptions about those new 
options. "--verify" will tell you both, whether samples were damaged, as well 
as whether the checksum table itself was damaged.

In case you still encounter damaged checksum tables after updating to
libgig 4.0.0.svn8, please let me know!


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