Hi guys,

I would like to say thanks for your wonderful job in supporting Wacom tablets.

 I got one CTH-470 yesterday and could get it cranking thanks to the
work of Chris Bagwell
(http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=28204872) , but
I found some sort of bug which  I think is related to that thread in
GIMP discussion list but that also affects all other uses of the pen
in this tablet: the cursor jumps some times (all
coordinates/distance/pressures and a button touch=0) when dragging the
stylus for a while. This doesn't happen in Windows, so I assumed it
was some sort of software problem.

Anyway, because I wanted it working today I went for a quick bug
hunting. I found that there is a weird event packet processed by
wacom_bpt_pen where data[1]==0, and that, of course, causes some fuzz.
I merged the latest changes that I could find to this driver (version
1.52 in wacom.h, but I took the files from Linus' github repository)
with Chris' work and patched for this zero-packet. Now it works very
well for me (changed files attached, this driver works!).

I suspect that the real bug is somewhere in the way the packets are
classified, and that somehow wacom_bpt_pen is processing a packet
which is not for her. But I'm really not a kernel developer, so, I
would appreciate any hints (in particular, how do you trace from
inside a kernel module?).



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