Does anyone know what causes a drive toy give an error 85 (drive can't keep up)?

I have just finished telling the list that I got my SUN REM drive working again, and that I thought the cause was overheating (Installed a fan). However I still get constant error 85 messages.

If I reinstall 7/7 everything seems fine, for a short while, then error 85 starts happening again.

The SUN REM drive uses a Kalok KL320 (20mb) MFM drive. I guess these are getting very old now. Maybe I need to look for another 20mb MFM drive to replace the Kalok with. Will any MFM 20mb drive work? For example Kyocera KC020, Miniscribe m8425 or Western General WD362.

Or even better, does an adaptor exist for MFM to IDE? I couldn't find one by doing an internet search.

However, for the life of the machine, I still believe the IDEfile is the best option for the future. I should start thinking seriously about this option, otherwise 7/7 will be lost to my machine for ever.


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