Hi Chris,

you wrote about your Widget-Drive - or better Lisa one's :-)

It repeatedly gave the same error if I hit continue, but the next power cycle, it just hangs at the hourglass screen for a while and then asks to insert a floppy (appears if no HD is present again).
Yes, thats right. The Boot-routine tries to boot from 3,5" first
if there's no disk inserted or no bootable device then the system checks the Widget. If there's no bootable system on it or if the drive is corrupted, then the boot-routine proceeds with a call up of the so called Error-Routine. This routine displays the disk-symbol with a questionmark on the screen and points back to the boot-routine with a flag setted to a point, where the boot-routine starts again whenever a message from the 3,5" drive comes, that a disk has been inserted.
Too complex? I hope I described it as simple as I could.

So what does that mean for your Widget?
I figure if there is a Widget problem, it would be much easier to troubleshoot if I can get it talking all the time.
Correct, but not while working with the boot routine. You have to boot your Lisa (by floppy disk) and then launch e.g. a test-program for the system (includes one for the widget) or launch the widget by using a control unit running under OS 1 or up to 6.04 if your widget has been formatted as an MFS or even HFS Drive. In that case every software drive controller should be able to mount your drive, and it's very likely that it will mount if you try to "spin down" and "spin up" again the drive by the mounter and then "mount" it finally. This will not erase the errors on that drive, but you can backup all data on it before you will have to reformat it in the near future... unfortunately ... if it isn't one of the in the LisaList very often discussed errors like a bad selenoid, dust or dirt, or similar mechanical problems

greetings TOM from Bavaria, the center of europe, the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig e.g. Neuschwanstein and last but not least the original Oktoberfest !

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