Hi Phil,

when you opened the PSU, did you before check, whether it's necessary to solder something inside? It's very likely, that your PSU still works - and I'm shure it does, until I see one reason for an error, that it doesn't. Yes, it's true that sometimes caps dry out and sometimes the surge protector cap from interference suppression gets small cracks
I repaired more than 50 PSU from Lisa over years and only one had a cracked cap and only two of them had a critical decrease in value due to "drying-out" You must know, that the components in those PSU are NOT very critical. This will work proper within a wide range of values. NB: In former times those caps even haven't been manufactured with exact values. There was very often a tolerance of +/- 20% at brandnew caps (20years ago)

So go on precisely with error-detection instead of change a lot of components and hope one of that had caused the error. Perhaps you describe, what your 1,2 PSU does or doesn't do anymore to shrink the numbers of possible errors :-)

What means: "a 1.2 (not working 95% of the time)" Did you ever try to figure out, why it works 5% ? And what did you change, so that it works, and what, so it doesn't work again?

...and by the way... Jason wrote: "The dual diode ended up being busted." That is the reason of more than 60% of all non-working Lisa-PSU, cause this part is highly critical compared to the caps in the PSU

greetings TOM from Bavaria, the center of europe, the marvellous castles of Koenig Ludwig e.g. Neuschwanstein and last but not least the original Oktoberfest !

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