This was an aside to another problem, so it looks like it didn't get any

>when I switch the Lisa off, it goes off then on immediately.

I have seen a couple of causes for this problem, ones that come to mind are:

1) Damaged (broken) traces on the I/O Board due to corrosion from leaking

If your I/O Board once had batteries on it, check the continuity of the
traces in that area carefully.

If it still has batteries on it, you should probably remove them and clean
the circuit board in that area before battery leakage causes (more) damage.

The battery is not required for startup or operation of the Lisa; it is
only to keep the clock running and preserve some preference settings in
RAM. Unlike a modern computer whose clock can run from the battery for
years with no external power, the Lisa battery only lasts for a few hours
when external power is interrupted.

2) Bad COPS, or perhaps poor contact with its socket.

It may be enough to remove and re-insert the COPS to improve the connection.

If not, replace the COPS with one from another I/O board... if it still
doesn't work, then it probably isn't the COPS.

3) A couple of other parts on the I/O board can fail causing this sort of
problem, so if the above don't help, let us know and we can start

Good luck!


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