Hi everyone,
happy new year to the LisaList
and special greetings to Phil!

> I have recently purchased (Xmas present to myself) one of John
> Woodall's X-Profile boards, as my original drives are all failing. I
> was going to try to build an IDEfile (and I may still do) but I worry
> my skills were not up to par.
> I am however really enjoying the fact that I can easily swap out the
> compact flash card and have the lisa boot into a different system
> within minitues.

I have the same X-Profile and the IDEfile as well.
All hard disks are working excellent.
I have found out that a Maxtor Diamond 9 series IDE hard disk (60GB in my
case) works best with my X/Profile. All others need hoours to format 2 GB
under MacWorks II+.

> I now have flash cards with OS2, OS3.1, Pascal workshop and Basic
> workshop. The only one I think I haven't tried yet is Xenix. I was
> wondering if anyone knew where I could get a copy of Xenix for the
> Lisa from?
> Are there any more OS's that the Lisa can run that I am forgetting,
> and where would I find these?

Please ask me.
> I also wanted to thank Helmet who over the holidays helped me (via
> email) fix and replace all the capacitors in my 1.8amp PSU. I was a
> little tentative at first, but all went smoothly, and if I may say
> so, I think I did a great job ;-)

No problem, Phil- I'm glad to help!

> Another question for the list is regarding my 2 meg Sun Remarketing
> memory card. Does anyone know what SIMs this card takes and where I
> can get some from? The card has started giving me occasional errors
> which is a little upsetting.

I have the same card as you do.
You should first do the following: Clean the PCB connectors with a rubber
eraser for example- I use Sidol for cleaning the contacts- I don't know if
it's available in USA under the same name- it is simply a metal cleaner to
clean silver spoons, brass bracelets etc....
it removes any oxidation form the metal surface without doing any harm.

In the next step you should remove all your SIMM's and reseat them again in
the sockets.
You can't use standard 32 PIN Macintosh SIMM's, use IBM PC SIMM's instead -
the IBM uses a 9th RAM chip for parity, the Mac doesn't.
One exeption: special Macintosh IIci for government use needed the same
parity SIMM's as the IBM did.
120 ns or higher speeds are ok for the Lisa- even 150 ns should work fine.
But I don't think that the SIMM's have a malfunction- it seems to be a
contact problem.

I hope this helps you further...


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