>Ever since I read what you wrote about the 'LRamBo' 2 meg mod for the
>apple lisa 512k card I've been intrigued, and the 4 meg mod for
>Macworks Plus II.
>Where would I find information on doing these mods? I've searched the
>internet using google, and found nothing.

Hi Phil,

At the moment, I can't find a good site offering both of these either. It
appears that some of the more extensive Lisa information sites are offline,
or perhaps have been dropped from Google's index.

a) I did find the instruction sheet for the 2 MB mod in two places. Note
that the contact info on the sheet is out of date (phone number and
CompuServe address).

1. Go to this page and scroll the right hand list to ram512-1 through -3.


2. This site does not include pages 1 and 2, which were reverse engineered
schematics of the 512K memory board. Since Apple schematics of the RAM
board are available online (at the same site, for instance), I don't think
this is a problem and page 3 is really all you need.


b) I am happy to email the 4 MB modification to those who ask, please let
me know if you would prefer the format to be: MacDraw (the original
document), generic PICT, or Acrobat PDF. To avoid annoying the other list
members, please send your email to me directly rather than replying to this

The 4 MB modification instructions do not include information for using the
Sun Remarketing memory board (which has SIMM sockets). I suspect that J1 on
that board is to support the 4 MB modification, but I have not tested it.

To be clear, the 4 MB modification only works with a few operating
environments, such as MacWorks Plus II. It also works with MacWorks Plus
1.1h, and if the memory is restricted to 3.875 MB, with MacWorks Plus



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