Le 12 nov. 05, à 00:33, James MacPhail a écrit :

This was an aside to another problem, so it looks like it didn't get any

when I switch the Lisa off, it goes off then on immediately.

I have seen a couple of causes for this problem, ones that come to mind are:

1) Damaged (broken) traces on the I/O Board due to corrosion from leaking

After removing battery, and cleaning as much as I can the board, it's OK !

I also clean all socket.

Great !

More over, I test second second board (Cage, CPU, IO, 2 RAM Card and one // card) and it's working also :happy:.

This second board as a different ROM version (H/A8) athough the first one is D/A8. Is there any real differences ? Which one is better ?

When started with the H/A8 board, the Lisa will only ask to boot on drive 2, although it let choose Drive 1 (which does'nt exist ?) and Drive 2.

Both Profile start on MacOs.

*but* despite all my effort, the diske drive remain not functionnal. It make some noise at startup, like if head are blocked... I will try again to dismantle it and grease everywhere again... May be somebody have a spare diske drive ? Or Macintosh drive may work ?

Lisa is my best piece of old computers, far away from my other Apple pieces likes Apple II, macintosh 128.... What a beautiful thing !


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