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draft-ietf-lisp-crypto-09: Yes

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Thanks for doing this. Great to see folks incorporating such
things where we can and I'll be interested to see how the
experiments with this pan out.

- intro: (nit) "PKI infrastructure" - the I in PKI
already means infrastructure:-)

- intro: (another nit) I don't get why " o  Packet
transport is optimized due to less packet headers.
Packet loss is reduced by a more efficient key exchange."
is true.

- 3: (more nittyness:) AEAD is defined in RFC5116.

- section 6 non-nit: I don't see why you want cipher
suites 1, 2 and 4. The set of 3,5 and 6 seems to me like
it'd be plenty. If it's not too late, I'd encourage you
to either drop 1,2 and 4 or say those are OPTIONAL and
3,5 and 6 are RECOMMENDED.

- section 7: I think you should embed the KDF into the
cipher suite. It's ok to only have one KDF now, but later
you may want others and it's fairly easy to include the
KDF as part of the definition of the ciphersuite.

- section 7: Why didn't you choose RFC 5869 for the KDF?
That's a more accessible reference I think and just as

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