Hi All,

Authors of the document draft-farinacci-lisp-predictive-rlocs-02.txt 
asked for WG adoption.

This message begins the two weeks call for WG adoption. 
The call ends on  June 2nd 2017.

Please respond to the LISP mailing list with any statements of approval or 

Recall that:

- This is not WG Last Call. The document is not final, and the WG is expected 
  modify the document’s content until there is WG consensus that the content is 
  Therefore, please don’t oppose adoption just because you want to see changes 
to its content.

- If you have objections to adoption of the document, please state your reasons 
  and explain what it would take to address your concerns.

- If you have issues with the content, by all means raise those issues and we 
  begin a dialog about how best to address them.
Luigi and Joel
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