On 12/11/2013 4:29 PM, Walter Parker wrote:
> I've been asked if pfSense has multiple routing tables. Specifically,
> there is kernel option in FreeBSD:
>   options ROUTETABLES=2 
> Which enables you to setup a second routing table for a second interface. 
> Does pfSense use multiple ROUTETABLES? If not, why not and does the
> existing policy based routing support the same features (the ability to
> pick which routing table/interface is used for sending outbound traffic).

pfSense does not use multiple FIBs as you describe. Those would only
affect services running from the firewall anyhow and not routed traffic
coming through the system. See FreeBSD documentation for setfib(1) to
see how those routing tables are actually accessed and used by processes
on a FreeBSD system.

Policy routing via rules lets you choose routing based on anything you
can match in pf to direct traffic to specific gateways, which is much
more flexible and easy to implement for controlling the paths taken by
traffic than multiple routing tables.

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