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I’m trying to be sure a fairly decent sized captive portal install has a good 
chance at working when I turn it on.

Current DHCP pool is 1437 Active, 6264 Expired (free) on a /19 with no active 

DHCP Settings are Default 86400 Max 86460 (1 day.)

Captive portal settings are:

No Authentication  (Management just wants to get a terms and conditions agreed 
to before use.)

Unchecked Disable concurrent logins
Unchecked Disable MAC filtering
Unchecked Enable Pass-through MAC automatic additions
Unchecked Enable Pass-through MAC automatic addition with username

These settings are working fine in another area with more transitional users 
(coffee shop) on a portal with an idle timeout of 120 and a hard timeout of 
720.  DHCP Lease time of 44000 (733 mins) and a pool size of 750 addresses.  We 
see up to about 100 active users there.

My thoughts for the new portal are this:

The users are more stationary.  They might be around, coming and going, for 
several days.  I would like to not repeatedly bother them as long as they stay 
active so I am considering:

Idle timeout 1080 (18 hours)
Hard Timeout None
DHCP Settings Default 86400 Max 86460 (1 day.)

When the DHCP server receives a DHCPREQUEST, it sends a DHCPOFFER for an unused 
address in the pool and, if none, the OLDEST address in the leases file in a 
free state right?

If this is the case then as long as my free pool is big enough to accommodate 
all new users for at least 18 hours without reissuing addresses, I should be 
good to go right?

Another concern is we have the capability to set the maximum DHCP lease in the 
DHCP server, but many devices request and receive a lease for much shorter 
periods.  If the above is true, they should also be able to leave for a few 
hours and their lease should still be waiting for them when they return because 
it will be a younger expired lease than are being offered by dhcpd right?

Thanks much.
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