Den 27-08-2014 16:03, Gerald Waugh skrev:
password pfsense

got it sense not sence
the stress level at here is high today  =:}


On 08/27/2014 08:11 AM, Morten Christensen wrote:
I try to setup pfSence for the first time.

It is running on a XenServer 6.2, but I don't suspect that to be the

I have never succeeded to log in to the web interface. Every time I
try with username admin and password pfsence, there a message like
this on the console:
Message from syslogd@pfSence at Aug 27 12:26:56 ...
pfSence php: /index.php: webConfigurator authentification error for
'admin' from

I have tried with 2 installs og 2.1.4 and one of 2.2 and reset
webConfiguratoor password several times.

 From console I can go to Shell and change password for root and admin
and after that log in with ssh. But that is not giving med GUI-access.

Any help ?

Morten Christensen
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