On Sep 17, 2014, at 20:48, Wade Blackwell <wa...@bablam.com> wrote:
> Good afternoon all,
>       I added ntopng to my platform via command line and restarted the 
> webconfigurator. I was expecting to see the package show up under 
> diagnostics, as it did on my other platform that I installed the package via 
> webui package installer, but it doesn't. Is there a way to add that? Searches 
> on this topic have been inconslusive. Thanks, install looked like this;
> [2.1.5-RELEASE][r...@firewall.domain.com]/usr/local/pkg(21): pbi_add 
> --no-checksig ntopng-1.1_1-amd64.pbi
> Verifying Checksum...OK
> Extracting to: /usr/pbi/ntopng-amd64
> Adding group: redis
> Adding user: redis
> Installed: ntopng-1.1_1

Web interface components are not distributed inside PBI. You should install it 
using System -> Packages menu.

Renato Botelho

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