I am going to setup pfSense as gateway/firewall in front of a small wireless broadband system with 10 to 20 houses connected.

We want to prevent one single house from taking up all bandwith, when other users can use their share, but not to restrict anyone unnessessary, when demand is low.

I have found howto's that make permanent limits on each users or ip-numbers bandwith, They seems to make that limitation without taking care of, if the limitations is needed. Other howto's shows how to make smarter QOS limitations based on different applications like telephones versus http-download that is only active, when a service actually needs the bandwith.

Do you know of howto's that can limit users bandwith, when the line is under heavy use, but not, when that user is alone on the line, and that do not care if the user is downloading an ISO, streaming HDTV or making a video-conference ?

Morten Christensen

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