Good question! I'd be interested in this myself.

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> On Nov 1, 2014, at 7:07 PM, Morten Christensen <> wrote:
> I am going to setup pfSense as gateway/firewall in front of a small wireless 
> broadband system with 10 to 20 houses connected.
> We want to prevent one single house from taking up all bandwith, when other 
> users can use their share, but not to restrict anyone unnessessary, when 
> demand is low.
> I have found howto's that make permanent limits on each users or ip-numbers 
> bandwith, They seems to make that limitation without taking care of, if the 
> limitations is needed.
> Other howto's shows how to make smarter QOS limitations based on different 
> applications like telephones versus http-download that is only active, when a 
> service actually needs the bandwith.
> Do you know of howto's that can limit users bandwith, when the line is under 
> heavy use, but not, when that user is alone on the line, and that do not care 
> if the user is downloading an ISO, streaming HDTV or making a 
> video-conference ?
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