I have 2 XenServers, 1 with XenServer 6.2 and one with Xenserver Creedence beta 3.

Both have a pfSense 2.2 RC as router/firewall and a couple of Ubuntu Linux VM's and a windows-VM.

Traffic through both the physical xenserver-box and the virtual pfSense firewall goes at expected speeds. But traffic from the other VM's on the same server through the pfSense out on wan/internet goes very, very slow.
It goes so bad they cannot update themselve with apt-get.

When I try with iperf from a linux VM through the pfSense's WAN the speed is 3,82 KBits/sec. The VM's and pfSense are connected with an internal single-server network (as OPT1), and tests to iperf server run on pfSense from a linux VM shows gigabit-speed.

One of the pfSense' has xen-tools installed. The other has not. I cannot se improvements with the tools installed.

Anobody with experience on pfSence and XenServer, that can give me in a direction to experiment in?

Morten Christensen
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