Good day,

I am hoping you guys might be able to help me come up with a solution for a 
solution I'm trying to develop at home.

I am hoping to direct members of my family to a specific web page that wraps up 
a number of other pages inside my home network when they log in over a VPN 

What I was thinking is to "host" a simple web page directly on my Netgate APU 
box that would be the landing page, that would contain a menu to the various 
other pages inside my network, maybe even frame the other pages inside that 
landing page. I was hoping that that page would simply come up for the user 
once they had established the VPN connection, and better yet, get a customized 
landing page depending on the user.

I was thinking I could use the captive portal function to achieve this but I'm 
open to your ideas, suggestions. Does this make sense? Can I "host" that page 
inside of the pfsense box? 

I would welcome any guidance you may have or links to pages that would help me 
develop this solution. 

Thank you!

(PS) I have another question that I have posted separately given it is 
unrelated to this.


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