I’m recommending pfSense (and hardware from netgate) for a job that I’ll be 
very hands off of. The people that will be doing the work, I have no idea what 
skillset they’ll be bringing to the table, so I wanted to be sure there was an 
official paid support channel they could access. I personally use pfSense for 
work and home, and fairly comfortable with it, hence why I’m recommending it 
over other stuff. It’s well worth the money IMHO.

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Is there a direct e-mail address I can hit at either Netgate or ESF to discuss 
cost and what's included, or is it ok to discuss it here?

For using pfSense there are no mandatory support costs. It is free open source 
software. However, unless you have the expertise, I would recommend highly to 
get the support from one of the vendors who develop the project.
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