Em 23-03-2016 11:03, Marcio Vogel Merlone dos Santos escreveu:
Em 15-03-2016 11:14, Nicolas Fabris escreveu:
I have an strange issue.

LAN IP pfSense:

Local Network LAN Subnet
Remote Network

Advanced setting Enable bypasslan for LAN........ checked.

When IPSEC tunnel is on, I lost ping from LAN to LAN IP (, something like traffic going to 10.x.x.x. is tryning to go by IPSEC TUNNEL I think............, and not working OK the bypass for LAN option. If I restart ipsec services, have no more problems, but have to do this manually every time after reboot.
Bizarre, as is my situation.

I have a remote site connected by a ipsec tunnel to my main office, both using pfSense 2.2.6. Whenever the tunnel disconects for whatever reason, after some seconds all local stations on remote site are also disconnected (Windows reports network cable unpluged, "X" mark on network icon near the clock!) for some seconds and then reconnects happily as if nothing happened.

Just observed that yesterday after many user complains and am starting to scratch my head now.

This looks very similar to your problem, I don't have a solution yet.

For the record and my shame, I have an IP Phone between that specific station and the network. When VPN goes down the phone looses connection with the office and then... reboots, causing the disconnection of the station.

Check if your case has any similarity.

Best regards and good luck.

*Marcio Merlone*
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