Lately the mailing list moderation queues have been overrun with a large
volume of spam on a daily basis. To make it easier on the list admins,
we have changed the default list policy to discard messages from
non-members on all of our lists rather than holding them for manual

The change should not impact many people because only on rare occasions,
usually once a month or less, would someone post a message without being
a list member. We had to manually look for and approve such requests
among the thousands of spam messages in the queues.

If you want to post from multiple addresses, you can subscribe from the
additional addresses and set the alternate addresses to "nomail" that
way you won't receive multiple copies of the list mail but it can still
post. The same procedure can be used for an address where the sender
does not want to receive the list by e-mail, but follows the list using
the list's web archive and occasionally wants to post.

You can change your mailing list subscription options or sign up your
other addresses from the list management pages, such as


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