It will eventually be stored in the .db but not immediately.

Before you get worried about the question, read comment "...even if the change 
is only in the jnl file, it should always resolve correctly."

Also, " Restarting named will flush updated data from .jnl files back to the 
zone file."


Steve Yates
ITS, Inc.

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Does that means dynamic update will stored in Journal file right? it won't be 
visible in Zone.DB file

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 2:35 PM, Pol Hallen <> wrote:
>> Does dynamic DNS stored in .jnl file?
> It's a journal file: The journal file is used not only for replaying 
> updates not yet committed in the zone file, but also to provide the 
> data for incremental zone transfers (IXFR).
> Pol
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