Based on the product page the max throughput as you described would seem to
be 200Mbps.

See the notes at the bottom of the page.

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I just purchased a SG-1000 for use with my Google Fiber installation. I did
minimal configuration of the SG-1000, only changing the LAN address to
192.168.200.X (GF is 192.168.100.X). I hooked the WAN port to one of the GF
ethernet ports and then my laptop to the LAN port on the SG-1000. Using GF
performance test, the upload/download speed is only about 10% of what I get
compared to plugging my laptop directly into the GF ethernet port (1000 Mbps
versus 100 Mbps using the SG-1000). The SG-1000 shows both ethernet
connections are 1000baseT. Shouldn't this device be able to basic routing at
the full speed of the WAN connection?

I did the same setup with a consumer router (ASUS) and it has no problem
with upload/download over 900 Mbps. 

John DeSoi, Ph.D.

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