May be wrong, but I think without nano, you can only install full, which
will thrash the CF in short order.  But I see someone on EBay selling one
preconfigured for the xtm 5 series.
No headers for a 2.5" drive inside, eh?  Here's a guide, but you'd still
need a CF adapter or machine with a CF slot for install.

>I've had good luck in similar cases by installing on a generic machine then
putting the media in the target box.

>>On Feb 16, 2018, 13:40, at 13:40, Eero Volotinen <>
>>Hi List,
>>I need to install pfsense 2.4 on watchguard xtm 810. there is issue as 
>>it does not boot from usb stick, only from cf or sata.
>>Any idea how to install pfsense on it? it works with 2.3 nano-vga 
>>image, but such is not available for pfsense 2.4

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