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> wrote:
> > Well. Does it require so much power, that I cannot run it on intel core2
> > quad Q9400, 2.66Ghz processor (4 cores) ?
> What a curious question.  It does not require "so much power" but it does
> require a minimum hardware spec, which that CPU will lack (no AESNI).
> I can understand why people would be unhappy that their hardware becomes
> unsupported by a new release, but I also understand it's common in the
> computing industry and makes a lot of sense for Netgate to do this (reduced
> support costs; increased developer focus; etc.).  It's nice, also, they've
> laid out a roadmap for doing this and telegraphed clearly how they plan to
> support older hardware and for how long.  It's not like they just decided
> yesterday over a couple of pints at the pub to throw everyone without
> AESNI-capable CPUs under the bus right now.
> I still have a CF NanoBSD-based pfSense installation running on Netgate
> hardware, and I appreciate they are still supporting 2.3, giving people
> like me time to migrate off to something else.
> Cheers,
> Paul.

It's also worth mentioning that the Q9400 is turning 10 years old this year.

I am a very enthusiastic proponent of reusing old computer hardware instead
of throwing it away, but there still comes a point in time at which it's
time to move on, and ten years is a very long life for commodity computing


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