I got this problem with my pfsense firewall and iam stuck, hoping anyone can 
help or got any tips.
Here the information on the system.
Default gateway:
I got this VPN: 
Remote peer:
Remote network:
Local network:

I got this Outbound nat rule:
Interface IPsec
NAT Address:

The problem is that traffic is leaving the WAN interface, instead of being 
routed over the IPSec interface and then SNAT'et to for the 
tunnel to allow traffic. 
Firewall rules on Lan:
I have allow all from LAN. 
I am totally stuck and hoping anyone can help me. 
Med venlig hilsen
Thomas Kristensen

Storhaven 12 - 7100 Vejle
Tlf: 75 72 54 99 - Fax: 75 72 65 33
E-mail: t...@multimed.dk
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