Try this :

- Create a gateway group (System / Routing / Gateway Groups) with VPN Gateway as Tier 1 and WAN Gateway as Tier 2

- Use this gateway group as outgoing gateway (in my config, i use a LAN Firewall rule with the created gateway group, and i use LAN as outgoing interface for my DNS Resolver).

In any case, if you configure your DNS Resolver to use the LAN interface as outgoing interface, the DNS Resolver should use the same routing than your computer, VPN or not.

Le 07-05-18 à 01:09, Antonio a écrit :
After messing around for much of the weekend and reading a bit here and
there I have made one small step to achieving my goal. Basically, I am
able to bound the DNS Resolver to the VPN interface by selecting it
under "Outgoing Network Interfaces". This all traffic goes through the
VPN tunnel, including DNS queries. Infact, when I go on dnsleaktest.com,
I do not have any leaks and this is very positive.

The only problem is that when the VPN link fails, then I cannot resolve
DNS queries anymore on my LAN devices. So, what I need to do now, is
understand how I can achieve this automatically, i.e. when the VPN link
comes up, it tells the DNS Resolver to route through the VPN tunnel;
when the VPN link is down, it tells the DNS Resolver to route the DBS
queries through the LAN interface. Any suggestions?
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