Derek recently said:

> Perhaps "we" are doing a pretty darn good job. Sadly though, we are
not in the majority. And therein lies the difficulty. When we talk about
"we" doing a pretty darn good job, we're talking about - what - maybe 5%
of web professionals worldwide? More, less? I'm not sure but we're not
in the majority as far as I can tell.

So how are we doing, does anybody know? I'd be very interested to see
even rough figures on the percentage of standards and
accessibility-aware designers/developers compared to others. Admittedly
I spend my time reading, writing and talking with other standardistas so
my perception is almost certainly very skewed, but from what I see we've
made a huge amount of progress.

While the recent Sitepoint survey [1] showed that over 60% of
respondants used CSS "primarily" for layout this could well be to do
with the fact that Sitepoint caters for a standards-savvy audience. So,
are there any numbers out there that would show a more realistic
appraisal of the reach of web standards?




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