While the meeting yesterday had no real topic I learned a lot about public
charging in a discussion with Charles.  I think others learned a little
about the implications of the National Electric Code Article 625 which is
about charging EV's and conduction charging sites.  

After the meeting I was thinking about something Andrew said about charging
his EV at various sites and having to change the vehicles charge rate.  Back
to the National Electric Code, if you have a 50 Amp circuit breaker and 50
amp wiring, a 50 amp receptacle, you can only use 80% of it  or 40 Amps.
The missing 20% allows for variations in the circuit breaker manufacturing,
things heating up, and a safety factor so the breaker does not trip.  

The other thing is when a 50 amp receptacle is used, many people expect a 50
amp breaker.  But the 50 amp 14-50P receptacle has become the standard or
the RV industry but actually supplies vary 30, 40 and 50 Amps.   

For no problems ask what amperage is available and use 80% of that.


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