OSGeoLive Gets an Unusual Present
09Apr18  -  darkblue_b


  On the morning of Monday, California time, an email arrived on the 
OSGeoLive mailing list. 
  That email said "Virtual Geo-Machine on base OSGeo 10 * 150 Gb 
(description in Russian)"
  Included in that email is an attachment --  VGM.zip [ 393KB ]

Contents of the VGM.zip archive:

  VGM_extension_files     12kB     Folder    05 April 2018, 10:12
  VGM_files               382kB    Folder    05 April 2018, 10:12
  VGM.htm                 15kB     HTML      05 April 2018, 10:12
  VGM_Extension.htm       38kB     HTML      05 April 2018, 10:12
  VGM_files ->  two .jpg; twelve .gif;  one .css
  VGM_extension_files ->  Debian_logo.gif    one .css

  IMAGE Notes:   appear in an image viewer, except for
    Tech-landscape.gif    which is a russian language graphic of major
                          software projects for geospatial data analysis. 
      the image has problems rendering, and appears broken halfway down
    Chelentano_sm.jpg     is a similar "landscape" of software apps
                          a line of apps related to geo-event processing
    Eclipse_modeling_logo.gif     stock Eclipse project logo
    Nine_critical_boundaries_sm.jpeg      an info-graphic showing R-style
                                          multivariate values for nine topics
     [ Change in Land Use; Global Fresh-water Use; 
Phosphorus-cycle; Nitrogen-cycle;
       Stratoshperic Ozone Depletion; Ocean Acidification; Climate Change;
       Chemical Pollution; Atmospheric Aerosol Loading; Biodiversity Loss   ]
    OSGeo_logo.gif        The "light green compass" logo from osgeolive 10 era

  TEXT Notes:
    Two .htm text files with BSD utility `file`  show:
      HTML document, Non-ISO extended-ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators
    the .css files show:
       ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators

Brian M Hamlin
OSGeo California
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