> I have started using openRTSP to try and put together a simple network video 
> recorder for some Grandstream IP cameras that I have.  I am consistently 
> getting segfaults when running on Ubuntu 14.04 with the livemedia-utils 
> package installed from apt.

First, please upgrade to the latest version of the code (the only version that 
we support).  See
(The version of the “LIVE555 Streaming Media” code included in Linux ‘distros’ 
is often woefully out-of-date.)

> Backtrace from the coredump is below.  Basically I am passing flags to 
> openRTSP to run for 24 hours, and write a new file every 30 minutes.

However, that’s not what you’re doing, based on the command-line options that 
you gave:
> Core was generated by `/usr/bin/openRTSP -v -c -B 10000000 -b 10000000 -4 -Q 
> -f 30 -F 2016-09-20 -d 86’.

Note that the “-v” and “-4” options cause output to go to ‘stdout’ (and thus 
the "-F <fileName-prefix>” option is ignored).  Also, the “-d 86” option causes 
the program to read the stream for only 86 seconds each time (and then the “-c” 
option causes it to reopen the stream again afterwards).

Also, because you’re using the “-4” option (to generate a “.mp4"-format file), 
you should also include not just the "-f <frame-rate>” option, but also the “-w 
<width>” and "-h <height>” option; see

If you want to generate multiple output files - once every 30 minutes, then way 
to do this is with the option
        -P 1800
and omit the “-c” and “-d” options.

However, I suggest that you first make sure that you can generate a single 
playable video file, by running
        openRTSP -4 -B 10000000 -b 10000000 -f 30 -w foo -h bar -d 30 
rtsp://mumble > test.mp4
(Replace “foo”, “bar”, and “mumble” with actual width, height, and URL.)
This will (after 30 seconds of streaming) generate a file “test.mp4”.  Make 
sure that it’s playable.  Then, and only then, should you run
        openRTSP -4 -B 10000000 -b 10000000 -f 30 -w foo -h bar -P 1800 
which will generate an output file every 30 minutes.

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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