> Well, an H264 NAL must begin with 00 00 00 01.

No.  “00 00 00 01” is a standard ‘start code’ that is often put in front NAL 
units when they appear in a byte stream.  But it’s not part of the NAL unit 
itself, and it is not used at all when NAL units are carried within RTP 
packets.  (That’s why it’s not present within the H.264 RTP payload.)

HOWEVER, depending on your decoder, you may need to insert that 4-byte start 
code (“00 00 00 01”) in front of each NAL unit before you pass it to your 
decoder.  I think that’s the case for “libav”.

Also, make sure you read:

> Here's the DESCRIBE response I'm getting:
Again, this looks fine.  There seems to be no problem at all with your data; 
just the way you’re handling it.

Ross Finlayson
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