Thanks a ton for your detailed reply. 

In the meantime I figured out that I completely misunderstood how the 
FramedSource is supposed to work and what has to happen in the respective 
methods. Others on stackoverflow, asking similar questions, seemed to 
misunderstand as well, so I completely was on the wrong track, sorry for that. 
What I thought was, you request a frame every call of deliverFrame, providing 
an appropriate buffer for this frame. I thought the case of frameSize > 
fMaxSize is an exception and just a safety check and should actually never 
happen since then the buffer could not hold the frame data, so I was searching 
for a way of preventing this from happening. As I know now, you instead gather 
data of 150.000 bytes, always telling me how much of the buffer is left and 
expect me to carry on where I left, typically in the midst of a frame. This was 
of course causing some trouble. 

@NAL units: I am using NvCodec for encoding and neither documentation nor 
samples even mention NALs, so at least I *think* what I have is indeed a raw 
byte stream, not a sequence of NAL units (MPEG start code is also not present). 
Except of course, H264 and H265 imply that coders deliver NAL units anyways and 
this goes without saying, so the documentation doesn’t mention. What I do have 
is data which, when written to a file, can be played back by any media player. 
Does this mean it's consisting of NAL units or a byte stream? I noticed that 
your testOnDemandRTSPServer instantiates a H264VideoFileServerMediaSubsession, 
which also does *not* use the discrete framers, so I also didn't use them. For 
now it works with VLC as a client - as does testOnDemandRTSPServer. As I said 
and as you can tell, I'm by no means an expert at this topic and the last time 
I encoded video several years ago I was using older codecs, so I'm a bit 
ignorant when it comes to H264 upwards. Could you help me understand why it 
works anyways? Do you think I'm dealing with byte streams or NAL units? Would I 
have to take care of creating NAL units from data delivered by encoders such as 
NvEnc/x264 by myself?


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