As far back as 6 years ago I see that Live555 supports rtsp-over-http

To quote Ross
"The protocol tunnels RTSP over HTTP, but RTP (and RTCP) packets
are also tunneled over the RTSP channel. So, strictly speaking, it's

But when I wireshark I see the Receiver Reports being sent over the GET
connection not the POST.

Stepping thru code I see RTPInterface::sendDataOverTCP() is called and
nowhere in that call stack do I see the base64 encoding of or reference to
the POST socket.

Is there something in my setup that has broken this?

Talking to one device, RTPInterface::sendDataOverTCP() ends up on the
blocking send and even with the timeout, is stuck there. Wireshark at that
time show duplicate ack's and 0 window every 10 seconds which is keeping
the connection alive.
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